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I wore the grey-striped dress to town today with no cardi. Didn't feel self-conscious in the least. It looks good on me.

Weight is steady between 161 and 165 and am way too comfortable at this weight and feeling very fat. Am making better food choices than I have in the past couple of months, but, really, food is not the issue. I need exercise. And I need to get into the 150s by the end of next month since I'm going to MTL!!!

(I went to Trifon's today and had a TINY pizza with a Greek salad. Haven't had wheat in a bit and I was definitely indulging a craving. Glad I went with that instead of a sub.)


Taking it easy today since my wrist and finger are still sore (the finger is normal sized again but an interesting shade of green). I had 180 mins left of the hearing, which is easily done in done in one focused day, so I've just been picking at it and will finish it tomorrow. I have about 150 minutes left now, so that's at most seven hours of work for this type of file.

I haven't been having much luck with my bananas lately and keep throwing them in the freezer because they are too ripe to eat. I looked up no sugar banana bread recipes today and found one that looked promising and turned out quite good, but I'll add more bananas next time. No fat in it (used apple sauce instead), no eggs (fiber-full chia seeds instead), nuts, spelt flour; just about a non-guilty treat (there is some white flour in it). I think the nutmeg is what makes it special. Most would find it bland, but it was a sweet treat for me.

Doing dinner at M&B's tonight and Lynda's apparently bringing chocolate cake. Not interested in the least, honestly! I don't know if I'll be able to convince them that a sliver is truly all I want. I love my new palate, but it's going to take some adjusting for people who used to feed the old me. Les is going to find it hard this summer as he liked to make me breakfast, but a plate of buttered toast no longer holds any appeal. I had some at Donna and Ken's in March and it was okay, but not an experience I'm eager to repeat.

Next time I visit my mothers, I am going to hide nuts in my luggage. There's no way they would feed me the levels of protein I'm used to now and I won't be interested in dessert, so I'll likely leave the table hungry. I should have done that during the summer of '12. Anyway, they are going to be in for a shock next time they see me. I look forward to my mother telling me that I've exaggerated, am showing off, am likely anorexic, etc. etc. etc. :)

Wearing size 8 jeans with a small blouse and small cardigan tonight. Unbelievable. Last meal I had at M&B's I was still closer to a size 10. I haven't lost any more weight on the scale, but even with my huge tummy you can see my bottom ribs and my collarbones are very pronounced. That makes me think the scale is going to tip soon...
Came in from Paul's ravenous even though I had a 'fish taco' before heading over (1.5 jackfish patties with seafood sauce in a corn tortilla). So I had 10 almonds, but I still couldn't concentrate on work. So I finished off the cold shrimp (maybe 10 or 15 smallish ones) and had two very small slices of sharp cheddar with a tangerine. A healthy, hearty, low-carb delicious snack I can't feel guilty about. It reminded me that while I have been eating a lot lately, I've been eating real, wholesome food, and very little in the way of carbs except for potatoes, corn, and fruit. I made some roti for falafel the other night and that was my first wheat/bread in so long I literally couldn't remember the last time I'd had wheat/bread! The nuts are high fat/calorie, but barely anything else that I'm eating is. I am going to have to slash on the butter and cheese if I want to get to the 150s by the summer, but otherwise I have a very sustainable diet.

I had a burger in town on Monday and had all my yam fries (they were over done so exceedingly yummy) and I left THREE QUARTERS of the bun behind. It was just... gummy. Funny how I've always loved fresh bread and butter and the thought of it now leaves me feeling slightly nauseated. I just have to hold onto these changes because it's so easy to revert back to bad habits.

The tangerines are $6 a bag and like crack. I don't know if I'm going to bring another bag of them home. :)


So I guess that Benedict Cumberbatch based Junkie!Sherlock, high on heroin and who knows what else, filthy, visibly smelly, dressed like a hobo, and terrifyingly unstable and violent on Tom Hardy's Stuart... Somehow, Stuart is less terrifying. LOVING this movie! Tom Hardy is AWESOME.

(Yes, I'm still traumatized by His Last Vow. Who wouldn't be???!!! Sherlock starts off in a crackhouse and ends up a murderer!!!)
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